At English Cloth, we work with local mills, commission spinners, weavers and finishers in the Yorkshire region to manufacture and export the finest British suiting cloth.

At English Cloth, we aim to drive all markets and provide the best possible service for tailors, designers and manufacturers looking for an active partner and supplier in the UK. Using techniques which are time-honoured since the late 18th Century, our cloth gets the finest treatment at every stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished fabric. There is no compromise on quality or performance in our fabric or the efficiency of our service. We believe in the essence of tailoring and your customers deserve to wear the best cloth available. 

Design Innovation

Whilst aiming to bring you the very best in our existing collections, including the 'Tolson', 'Anglo' and our V.V. finished 'Four Seasons', we are constantly designing new and exciting ranges for upcoming seasons. Through constant market research and taking inspiration from our travels, our aim is to always bring you the leading fabrics that the market has to offer.

We work closely with world-renowned fabric finishers W.T. Johnson & Sons (less than 2 miles away) to ensure a constant high quality is kept, whilst developing innovative fabric finishes such as the aforementioned 'V.V.' and 'London Shrunk' methods. These finishes can be added to any of our existing qualities or any future designs you may wish to develop with us. Leading us to the next section...

Bespoke Manufacturing

If you have a unique fabric request, English Cloth has the design capability to manufacture one-off, bespoke fabrics for you. Past design discussions have taken us to designing some wonderful creations including jacquard, bespoke checks and dobbie weaves. If there is a specific design, idea or quality of fabric that you wish to manufacture, please feel free to contact us directly and we will be more than happy to discuss this in further detail.

Cut Length / Stock Service

All of our ranges are stock-supported and available in cut length, half and full pieces, with speedy dispatch. Our built-in stock monitoring system, allows us to effortlessly keep on top of stock levels for your convenience.

The Most Advanced Ordering System

Our custom-built ordering software is maintained in-house, with constant improvements ensuring that you can:

Order quickly using our proprietary "Instant Basket" system
Convert £GBP to your preferred currency
Check stock levels
Compare multiple fabrics
Add your own customer reference codes against each fabric length

Family Tartans

Many of our tartan ranges are historically accurate family cloths from Scotland. If you require any help locating your family tartan, please feel free to contact us. Our range of tartans are made from 100% Pure New Wool, 450g, perfect for traditional kilts, skirts or statement waistcoats and jackets.