When it comes to quality, English Cloth makes no compromises. We work through mill collections and refine our offerings until the perfect bunch book is ready - from our local mills to your shelf.

At English Cloth, we work with some of the oldest and most prestigious mills in the industry to create our own signature ranges.

Suiting Cloth

English Cloth only select 100% woollens for our collections. We accept no man-made fibres, and insist that any quality from one of our beautiful black books must be able to hold it's own against any like-for-like product in the world. Thanks to the wonderful waters of the local rivers, Colne and Holme, no chemicals are used to treat cloth made locally, making our fabrics the purest and strongest in the world.

We pick designs from evergreen classics through to more innovative, fashionable styles. We're constantly adding to our ranges, working with local designers and mills looking to take their offerings to the world stage.

Tweeds & Jacketing

There's no tweed like a Tweed from the United Kingdom, and whether it's local Yorkshire mills creating hearty British styles or the Scottish islands utilising traditional craftsmanship, our bunches will be sure to please and bring a distinctive look to any wardrobe.

English Cotton

From soft and fluffy, to strong and silky, Cotton is a soft fluffy fibre that grows in a case, called a bell, that protects the seeds of the Cotton plants.

English Cotton is a fabric which is steeped in history, it has been woven right here in the heart of Yorkshire and has a history of weaving dating back to the middle of the 19th century.


Irish Linen is the brand name given to Linen produced in Ireland. The Irish Linen Guild has defined Irish Linen as yarn which is spun in Ireland from 100% flax fibres.

Irish Linen fabric is defined as fabric which is woven in Ireland from 100% linen yarns. Irish Linen is a truly natural and sustanable product, which starts by growing in a field and is completely biodegradable and during its processing gives little or now waste materials.