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Anglo: Superior Lambswool.

Exclusive to English Cloth, the luxurious lambswool collection is proving to be a house favourite for many tailors, designers and luxury fashion brands around the world. And here's why..

Made with care, precision and a passion for providing only the finest British-made cloth for our customers, this collection embodies English Cloth's true nature. 

The Anglo uses hand-picked, superior micron lambswool fibres which gives the finished cloth its ultrasoft handle and luxury appearance. It is the fineness of these fibres which sets the Anglo apart from other lambswool fabrics. Once you have held the Anglo lambswool, it is easy to understand its popularity and why it is fast becoming a house favourite with highly reputable tailors and luxury fashion brands. 

These exquisite lambswool fibres are taken from the very first shearing of the sheep (or lamb) which are naturally longer in length compared to when the sheep grows with age. These longer filament fibres, once dyed and spun together, create a supersoft yarn to be woven into fabric. The spinning process, unlike many yarns used in the UK today, is produced here in Yorkshire meaning all manufacturing processes, including weaving and finishing, are completed in England. You would expect nothing less from a collection called 'Anglo'. 

Most lambswool fabrics are only used for jacketing purposes due to their durability but the Anglo is tested and certified for full suiting purposes, meaning it can be used for a multitude of garments such as trousers, shorts, waistcoats, jackets and even tailored scarves. 

As is the intrinsic nature and the magic of pure wool, the Anglo fabric will keep you warm in the Fall/Winter but will also take heat away from the body in the Spring/Summer, keeping you cool and at just 10oz (320g) it really is a four-season favourite.  

Not only does it perform well but the design of this collection is born from intensive trend research and brings new life to a somewhat conservative industry. English style is well renowned for its timeless elegance and Italian style well known for its artistic 'sprezzatura' expressionism. The Anglo collection sits somewhere in the middle, bringing you unwavering style accompanied with a unique flair that creates a statement. 

This collection is a sign of things to come at English Cloth. It is different, fun and yet still made using traditional manufacturing methods. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 

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