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English Cloth attends the CTDA in New York

English Cloth invited to present the new Fall/Winter Fabrics at the CTDA in New York.

The Team at English Cloth were happy to receive an invitation to attend the CTDA at the London Hotel in New York, from their Agent Peter Antoniades at Antoniades Textiles. Peter is the representative in the US for English Cloth and has been a critical part of the Team bridging the gaps between Supplier and Client. Peter is a very well known and popular representative in the US who has been in the fabric business for many years now.

English Cloth Directors Gavin Courtnell and Sam Thorpe attended the the CTDA event from Saturday 20th July 2019 - Monday 22nd July 2019 to support Peter Antoniades in launching the new Fall/Winter fabrics. The CTDA event which has been held at the London Hotel for many years now attracts all forms of Tailors, Designers, Costumiers and also people who are looking at entering into the Tailoring world, young and old.

We asked Gavin Courtnell what his thoughts where on this years event at the CTDA, here is his reply,

"It is always a pleasure to attend the CTDA, I have been a regular face there for 6 years now, so it almost feels as if i am part of the CTDA family. Over the years i have built up some very close relationships with many clients. It is great to be able to meet face to face with Tailors with new Collections and to be able to give full breakdowns and explanations of how and where the fabric is woven, Dyed and Finished. I feel it makes an immense difference when a client can hear the full process first hand, it also makes any questions a client has easier to answer when you are both together browsing the collections.

This year it was very exciting to also see a lot of new faces at the CTDA who attended to view the English Cloth brand, we have put in a lot of extra work in the Manufacturing side to enable us to manage expectations in the coming Fall/Winter Season to maintain stock levels."

We also asked Sam Thorpe what his thoughts where on this years event at the CTDA, here is his reply,

"This was my first time attending the CTDA and i was overwhelmed at how well organised and professional the event the was. Seeing the amount of hard work and preparation that goes into organizing the event through to how much time and effort it takes in setting up the room, prior to the event starting. It was a pleasure to actually meet up with clients that i have built up relationships over the telephone and emails, so for me putting faces to the names was a pleasure. I am already planning and looking forward to the next event in 2020 and planning the new ranges that we will have to offer."

English Cloth looks forward to revisiting the CTDA in 2020 and looks forward to seeing everyone there.